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Piling Conventional Method (Tripod):

Conventional piling is, Making Bore vertically in earth by using heavy steel equipment vertically, this method is very cost effective & is very useful in remote areas where hydraulic rigs are unable to mobilize, we can bore 65mm dia using tripod method. You can call or send an email to us for your pile construction job.

A basic and often used method of pile construction is the excavation of the ground by rope-operated (hammer) grabs with a crawler crane as carrier unit. The bore hole is usually stabilized with a temporary steel casing driven by a hydraulic oscillator unit.  On completion of the borehole, the rebar cage is placed and simultaneously with the concreting process the casing is withdrawn.
Piling equipment can quickly be changed in order to adapt the excavation tool to the encountered ground conditions. Different types of grabs, i.e. with a mechanical or hydraulic closing system of the jaws, single and double rope grabs or different shapes of the grab jaws can be used. “Hammer” grabs are employed in free-fall operation to penetrate the ground, loosen and extract ground material. “Drilling” through rock layers or other subsurface obstacles requires the use of free-fall chisels, which break the hard strata by means of percussive impact.
This is also the case when a pile penetration in bed rock is needed. Chisels mostly have flat, cross or round shape and are equipped with hardened steel blades . After several chisel impacts the loosened material can subsequently be extracted by the grab. Thus, in varying ground conditions grab and chisel are employed in intermittent operation. This proved to be a successful and economical pile excavation process, especially for large diameter bored piles in difficult ground conditions.
The excavation process is influenced by the kinetic energy of either hammer grab or chisel at the time of the impact, geometry of grab jaws and chisel blades respectively, ground conditions, drilling rig and experience of the drilling crew. Particularly high influence is caused by the groundwater conditions. Each motion of the excavation device is considerably slowed down, caused by the additional flow resistance of the devices.
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